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How Long Does It Take to Resolve Tax Problems?

1 min read

1 min read

The short answer is, it varies.

It depends on the type of issue and the complexity

If you owe taxes, you can set up a simple payment plan online in an hour. But if you have a multi-year IRS audit, you could be looking at dealing with that issue for over a year.

Click an issue below to find out how long you can expect each one to last — and to get tips on how to make the process efficient and successful:

IRS audit – Learn how long each type of audit lasts, and other factors that can extend the timeframe.

IRS penalty relief – Learn how long it takes to get the two most common types of penalty relief, and any appeal options you may need.

Removing a levy or wage garnishment – Get the facts about how quickly you can get the IRS to remove a wage garnishment.

Obtaining an IRS collection agreement – The time it takes depends on your situation, the type of agreement you need, and how you interact with the IRS.

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