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IRS Letter 2813C – Release of Lock-In Letter

1 min read

1 min read

A letter was sent to your employer releasing the lock-in on the amount of withholding from your paycheck.

Type of notice: Account information or change

Possible next step: Address an IRS return or account problem

Why you received IRS Letter 2813C

  1. You were not withholding enough taxes from your wages.
  2. The IRS sent a letter to your employer requiring that your employer withhold taxes at a specific rate.
  3. The IRS sent Letter 2813C to notify you that the IRS has released the lock-in and the employer can begin withholding at the rate on your W-4. A warning is included to remind you of your responsibility to have enough taxes withheld from your wages to cover the taxes you will owe.

Notice deadline: N/A

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