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IRS Letter 3404C – Third Party Contact

1 min read

1 min read

One or more payers who sent you an information statement (such as a Form W-2, 1099, etc.), will be contacted by the IRS.

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Type of Notice: Return accuracy

Most common tax problem area: IRS CP2000 underreporter inquiries

Other tax problem areas: IRS penalties, IRS bill for unpaid taxes

Why you received IRS Letter 3404C

  1. You filed a tax return.
  2. The IRS determined that there was a discrepancy between the income reported on the tax return and the income reported to the IRS by others such as employer and banks.
  3. You may have responded to a notice sent by the IRS to resolve the discrepancy.
  4. The IRS sent Letter 3404C to inform you that additional information is needed and that the IRS is contacting the payers listed on the notice for clarification.

Notice deadline: N/A

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