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IRS Notice CP22A – Changes to Your Form 1040

1 min read

1 min read

The adjustments to your tax return that you requested have been made by the IRS and a balance is now due.

Type of Notice: Return accuracy

Likely next step: Address an IRS return or account problem

Also see: IRS penalties, IRS bill for unpaid taxes

Why you received IRS Notice CP22A

  1. After you filed your tax return you discovered an error.
  2. You either contacted the IRS to correct the error or filed an amended return.
  3. The IRS corrected the error and made an adjustment to your return.
  4. The IRS sent CP22A to notify you that the adjustment resulted in a balance due on your return.

Notice deadline: 21 days

If you miss the deadline: Penalties and interest will begin to accumulate.

Want more help?

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