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Can I E-File If I Use Form FTB 8453-OL to Sign My Return?

3 min read

3 min read

One form you’ll fill out when you e-file a California tax return is the FTB 8452-OL. If you are not a California resident, scroll down to view instructions for signing when e-filing a federal return.

If you’re wondering if you can file form FTB 8453-OL to sign your return, the answer is “yes”. In fact, this a required step for California taxpayers.

Form FTB 8453-OL summarizes your return information, including the amount of money you will receive as a refund or owe. It also shows whether or not you chose to have your refund deposited directly into your bank account or if you decided to pay by electronic funds withdrawal. Be sure to double check your bank routing and account numbers as you’re completing the form.

What Does Form FTB 8453-OL Do?

Form FTB 8453-OL, the California e-file Return Authorization for Individuals form, authorizes the transmission of your tax return to California’s Franchise Tax Board. You are required to sign this document before you or your tax professional e-files your return.

What Happens When You Sign Form FTB 8453-OL?

When you sign Form FTB 8453-OL, you’re declaring that the return is true, correct, and complete. Once your return is complete, you should file the signed form with your tax records.

You should not mail it to the California Franchise Tax Board.

IRS Electronic Signature for your Federal Return

When you e-file your federal return, you’ll also need to provide an IRS electronic signature. For those filing taxes using a DIY method, such as online or software, this is typically completed with your Personal Identification Number (PIN) from the previous year or your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) from the previous year.

Your PIN from the previous tax year is one that you created on your own. Can’t locate or remember your PIN? You should use your previous-year AGI to provide IRS electronic signature authorization. If you amended your return for the previous year, be sure to only use your original AGI amount versus a corrected amount.

More Help With Filing Form FTB 8453-OL

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