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H&R Block’s Ask a Tax Pro service delivers unlimited, on-demand access to highly-trained, experienced tax experts

5 min read

5 min read

December 06, 2018

DIY Online products, available now for tax season 2019, are enhanced to give clients a better user experience and improved help options at an exceptional value

In a recent H&R Block (NYSE: HRB) survey, Americans who prepare their own tax returns reflected varying emotions and levels of knowledge about how tax reform will impact them this year. Sixty-three percent expect the outcome of their returns this year to be different than last year. While 36 percent are hopeful about tax reform changes, the remaining 64 percent have a range of feelings, including joy, anger, trust and fear.

Regardless of how they feel about their possible tax outcomes, filers can feel confident they’re getting it right with H&R Block DIY Online products and the mobile tax prep app, live now at hrblock.com and in the Apple and Google Play stores. New for tax season 2019, clients can add the Ask a Tax Pro service and have unlimited, on-demand access to a tax pro to answer their tax questions as they complete their return.

“This tax season may be a time when even the most confident DIYers could use a little help along the way. Ask a Tax Pro provides enhanced services that are yet another innovation from H&R Block that conveniently connects our clients to the expertise of our highly-trained tax professionals,” said Heather Watts, senior vice president and general manager of digital at H&R Block. “No matter what questions clients have, whether it be about life changes or tax reform impacts, H&R Block has a way to assist and give them the confidence that they’ve maximized their results and their return is ready to file.”

New H&R Block Ask a Tax Pro available Jan. 4

Ask a Tax Pro is available Jan. 4 to give H&R Block DIY Online clients unlimited, on-demand chat sessions with a tax expert, which means they can get the help they need as they complete their returns. These are among the benefits of this add-on product:

  • Allows clients to share their screen so the tax professional can answer specific questions.
  • Gives clients the option to talk to a tax professional by phone if they prefer.
  • Incorporates mobile responsiveness so clients can take full advantage of the service while using a mobile phone or tablet.
  • Connects clients to an exclusive group of tax experts chosen from our continually trained and certified network of tax professionals who average 15 years of experience. These tax pros are among the highest performers in service quality and are repeatedly rated as “most likely to be recommended” by past H&R Block clients.

“Clients who are confident doing taxes themselves, but have a few questions along the way, can add Ask a Tax Pro anytime during their tax prep process and get connected in a way that’s convenient for them,” Watts said. “With the ability to get unlimited, on-demand help from an experienced tax professional, clients can submit their return on their own with confidence that they have had all their questions answered and can feel good about receiving the credits and deductions available to them.”

H&R Block continues commitment to providing a better experience for consumers by offering more ways to help

Whether H&R Block clients are stuck on a specific question or want personalized guidance about their unique situation, H&R Block enables clients retain control of their return and get the level of assistance they want and file when they are ready. In addition to Ask a Tax Pro, clients can get help through:

  • DIY Online Help Center, which is found throughout the DIY Online product, and has been redesigned so it’s easier for clients to find and navigate the self-help options and make it easier to get assistance from a seasoned tax expert when necessary.
  • Tax Pro Review, which provides DIY filers the opportunity to have one of our highly-trained tax pros review their documents and actual tax return, sign the return, and file it on their behalf without coming into an office. Clients are paired with a tax professional who has the right training and skills to handle their specific tax situation and knowledge for the specific state return being filed.

Price Preview makes upfront H&R Block DIY Online prices transparent

Earlier this year H&R Block announced it is improving the way clients understand what they are paying with its DIY Online products by making the price transparent throughout the process. Available Jan. 4, Price Preview provides transparency and acknowledgement of price changes as clients complete their returns.

“We’ve always provided online filers with an upfront starting price. Now with Price Preview your price will be displayed in real time as you prepare your return. If your cost changes for any reason, Price Preview will update it automatically, so you always know how much you can expect to pay,” Watts said. “Through a combination of competitive pricing, industry-leading price transparency, continued user experience innovation and now unprecedented help options, H&R Block provides the best value over TurboTax and other DIY brands.”

More information on how H&R Block is transforming the tax experience for consumers is available at hrblock.com/transformation.


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