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H&R Block’s vast product lineup lets taxpayers file however they want

4 min read

4 min read

April 10, 2018

From DIY to assisted to hybrid products, H&R Block has a product for all situations

The April 17 deadline is closing in on millions of taxpayers who still need to file their tax returns. Approximately 60 percent of taxpayers go to a tax professional to prepare and file their return for them, while the other 40 percent will go the do-it-yourself route and find a product to help them with the prep and filing process. At H&R Block, products are provided for all these taxpayers and even those who want to combine methods.

“When it comes down to how to file a tax return, some of the biggest factors in choosing between DIY or assisted is the taxpayer’s comfort with their tax situation and the level of involvement they want to have in the process,” said Heather Watts, senior vice president and general manager of digital at H&R Block.

H&R Block’s product innovations can help all taxpayers do their taxes in the way that works best for them, while still getting the best value in tax preparation.

Get assisted tax prep by going to a tax office – or not going to a tax office

People get their taxes prepared by a tax professional for many reasons. Some people sit down with a tax professional because they believe that it will end up saving them time and money. Others see a professional because they want to be sure they claim every tax credit and deduction they’re entitled to.

“At H&R Block tax offices, clients with all types of concerns and questions can be assisted,” said Karen Orosco, senior vice president of U.S. retail for H&R Block. “Some clients might find it beneficial to explore our Block Advisors offices, which serve clients who are seeking personalized expertise for their unique tax situation with a 365 Tax Plan to help them get an even better outcome next year.”

While many clients want to watch their tax return being prepared by a tax professional others would prefer to skip that part and, with H&R Block Tax Pro Go℠, now they can. H&R Block Tax Pro Go enables clients to get their taxes prepared and filed by a tax professional based on the information they provide online. Their tax professional will ensure every tax deduction and credit to which clients are entitled will be found, and will get the client their maximum tax refund. Clients will know their price upfront, starting at less than $60 for one federal and one state return.

Do-it- yourself taxes all ‘alone’– or, maybe have them checked by a tax pro

Typically, DIY clients like the flexibility and convenience of preparing their own tax returns, and with online and desktop software options, H&R Block clients can find an option that will help them file an accurate return and get them their maximum refund.

“When taxpayers think about filing their own tax returns, there are plenty of companies vying for their attention, but H&R Block is the only company that has products backed by more than 60 years in the tax industry,” Watts said. “Even with all the expertise in our products, H&R Block offers the best value in DIY tax prep products – no matter how simple or complex the tax situation.”

New this season, H&R Block added a new Self-Employed product designed specifically for the estimated 60 million freelancers, independent contractors and other self-employed taxpayers. Self-Employed integrates the mobile expense tracking app Stride Tax, and joins the Free, Deluxe and Premium in the H&R Block Online DIY product lineup. Plus, with Tax Pro Review℠, all DIY online clients can get additional help by having their completed DIY return reviewed and signed by a tax professional – without going to a tax office. Tax Pro Review℠ is the reinvention of H&R Block’s Best of Both service, which the company started offering more than a decade ago.

H&R Block added “drag and drop” to the desktop software, making it easier for desktop software users to import last year’s tax return done by any tax prep service. This also saves clients time by seamlessly prepopulating information on their tax return.

Taxpayers have multiple ways online to access H&R Block, including through the H&R Block apps, H&R Block DIY online products, downloaded H&R Block DIY software products or an appointment at an H&R Block retail tax office.


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