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H&R Block Tax Pro Series: Liliana Ortega Builds Client Trust by Solving Unique Tax Problems

2 min read

2 min read

April 16, 2022

H&R Block

Liliana Ortega earned a degree in accounting right before finding her niche at H&R Block in Long Beach, California 10 years ago. Her financial background has served her clients extensively with unique tax changes every year.

“My clients and the people that come into H&R Block don’t always know much about taxes, but they come in and trust me with their personal information,” Ortega said. “I feel a responsibility to get the best results for them. I make sure I’m up to date on all of the new tax laws so I’m ready for any unique tax situation.”

During the height of the pandemic, Ortega made sure to help her clients get their taxes done safely by making herself available to answer any questions. She even found a way to help older taxpayers who were scared to come into the office at the time. She now teaches clients to utilize H&R Block’s online tools with the encouragement that she is still available to engage and answer questions on the phone or through a video call.

“Some clients come in about to retire after using another tax service for their entire lives and don’t know what to do next,” Ortega said. “I give some great tips, and they come back every year. Some clients are new to H&R Block’s online tools are more comfortable filing digitally when they have the assurance that they can speak to me at any time. They can trust me to be there and decide what’s best for their tax position.”

She has moved to four different locations and had clients follow her to every office, because they know she sincerely cares about their circumstances.

“No matter what, they can count on me to be there for them all year,” Ortega said.

Her high-level tax knowledge has been noted not just by clients, but by many leaders in her region, including her district general manager, Siamak Atabaiky.

“Liliana does an outstanding job serving her clients. She showcases her expertise and care at every opportunity.”

As for Liliana’s biggest tax tip for 2022?

“For me, the biggest tip so far this year has been to contribute to a 401(k). Saving for your retirement is not only being smart with your money, but planning out your future. I can help you solve what you should be contributing individually in order to have a happy retirement later in life.”

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