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H&R Block launches one of the first services to help small businesses navigate CARES Act stimulus relief options

3 min read

3 min read

May 07, 2020

Small business owner having one-one-one phone consultation with an H&R Block small business expert

Recovery Action Plan service includes phone consultation with an H&R Block small business expert, providing tailored guidance and personalized plan

Many small businesses are struggling with how to recover from the COVID-19 crisis, and H&R Block believes they should have a trusted place to turn for assistance. That is why H&R Block (NYSE: HRB) is introducing a Recovery Action Plan consulting service to help small businesses navigate the CARES Act stimulus options, including loan programs and tax credits.

The Recovery Action Plan service* includes up to an hour-long one-on-one phone consultation for $99 with an H&R Block small business expert to discuss various relief options, eligibility requirements, and potential actions. After the session, the small business owner will receive a customized action plan outlining the CARES Act options for their business and the immediate next steps they can take.

“We hear from small business owners every day asking for help understanding the CARES Act stimulus relief programs,” said Jeff Jones, H&R Block, President and CEO. “Because they shouldn’t have to go it alone, we developed the Recovery Action Plan service, using our human advantage – our network of highly trained tax professionals –-to help small businesses recover and thrive despite the financial impact of the pandemic. This is an important part of our community impact initiative to Make Every Block Better by supporting communities and small businesses across the country.”

The Recovery Action Plan service will help small business owners understand which stimulus loan programs they may be eligible for, how much they might be able to borrow, and, where applicable, the guidelines for the loan to be forgiven. H&R Block experts will also help small business owners determine their eligibility for applicable tax credits and conduct a free Second Look® review of the small business’s prior three years of tax returns to ensure they received all the credits and deductions they are entitled to. As an added benefit, small business owners who use this service will receive $25 off their 2019 tax prep fees if they have not yet filed.

H&R Block is supporting small businesses in several other ways as well. These include:

Small business owners can visit hrblock.com/smallbusiness to get started by scheduling their phone consultation with an H&R Block small business expert.

*Additional consultation is available for $60 per hour. All fees to be collected at time of consultation. Terms and conditions apply.


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