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How to Correct a Mistake on Your Tax Return

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2 min read

Have you discovered a mistake on your tax return? Or maybe you forgot to include a crucial piece of information that could significantly adjust your refund (or reduce your tax bill). Don’t worry — if you find out you filed your tax return wrong, there are steps you can take to address it. While you can’t edit your original filing to correct an error on your return, you can file an amended return.

Correcting an Error on Your Taxes With an Amended Return

If you’ve made a mistake on your tax return, the first step is to file an amended return. The deadline for amending a return is typically three years after the original deadline, or two years after taxes were paid for that year – whichever comes later. However, if the mistake on the return results in more tax owed, file the amendment as soon as possible. This can help you reduce potential penalties.

If you e-filed your return, make sure the IRS accepts it before you file an amended return. If you’re waiting for a refund, you should continue to wait until after you receive the funds before filing the amendment to correct an error on your tax return.

How to File an Amended Return

Once you’ve been notified that the IRS received and accepted your 2023 return, then you can prepare an amended return. If you e-filed your 2023 return with H&R Block’s online program, we can offer you some assistance.

To file an amendment, you need Form 1040X, available from the dashboard or main menu of the H&R Block Online program. With it, you can correct errors or mistakes on filed tax returns.

It’s important to remember that your Form 1040X amended return must include copies of any schedules you changed and any forms you didn’t include with the original return.

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